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If you love creating outfits with the whole comfort chic vibe then consider creating them with a football jersey. This is definitely not something new but of course it’s pretty evergreen. You’d be surprised at the number of outfits you can create with just one good jersey. Moreover, you can do so very simply with things already existing in your wardrobe. Of course, these are outfits you can create for a rather casual outing. Be it a coffee date, shopping with friends or even when actually headed to watch a game. And you can find some really amazing jerseys out there. You could pick on the basis of your favourite team, or just because it looks good on you and you love the whole aesthetic. There are some really cool vibrant coloured jersey out there to choose from. It’s basically like styling an over-sized t-shirt except with logos and names on them. You could even go for a customised one with your name on the back. Now, all that is out of the way, it’s time to see how you can create some really cool outfits.

Here’s how to create great outfits with a football jersey.

With Skinny Jeans

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Source: Wander x Luxe, Pinterest, Dress Up Buttercup

If you are wondering how to wear a football jersey casually then most basic, easy and go-to option is to pair it up with a pair of skinny jeans. It could even be a distressed and/or ripped one. It’s such a basic and easy to pull-off outfit that any and everyone will look good in it. There’s even no need to accessorise a whole bunch, the outfit is good on it’s own. Of course, that is not to say you have the skip it completely. Accessorising is always a good idea. For footwear a pair of sneakers or chelsea’s would definitely be a good idea. You could tuck the jersey in if you are going for a high-rise jeans or else you could completely leave it out as well. We also love the idea of adding a denim jacket on top. For hair we suggest keeping them naturally messy to add to the look.

Leather Jeggings With a Football Jersey

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Source: The Haute Pursuit, Marie Claire, Imaxtree

Another very good thing to pair with your football team jersey are some nice faux leather jeggings. If you wish to create a more classy look than a chilled out one then this really is a good option. Keeping with the classy vibe, we’d say opt for heels with a look like this or maybe even knee-high heeled boots. You could definitely even add a cardigan or coat on top of the look if you wish to amp up the classy vibe even further. Add a chic sling, accessorise with some gold hoops and that’s it! Your look is complete. Of course, sneakers still are game with this.

With Boyfriend/Mom Jeans

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Source: Sweenee Style, Jenkiss Shopstyle, Allie Jay on Pinterest

If you really really love loosely fitting and comfortable clothing then pair your football jersey with your baggy boyfriend jeans. You could even add a shirt on top of a look like this. The jeans could either be ripped or just simple, both would look equally good and add to the aesthetic. Some canvas shoes would be a really nice choice with them and you really don’t need to accessorise. Maybe you could add a cap to the look, that would definitely look good. What you could also do is tie a shirt around the waist to complete the look. What we wouldn’t recommend would be to go for high-rise boyfriend jeans here.

Football Jersey as a Dress

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Source: Stylista, Mrs. Albequerque on Pinterest, Dress Up Buttercup

If you are too lazy to pair anything with your jersey and want to create a super chic and classy look then this is it. If you’ve ever wondered how to wear a football jersey that’s too big, wear it as a dress. It’s extremely simple to achieve, you just need a rather over-sized jersey and you are pretty much done. Add some sneakers or heels depending on the kind of vibe you trying to achieve, casual or formal. Of course do not forget to accessorise with watches, earrings, bracelets or maybe even a classy tote bag. If the jersey is too baggy for you you could add a belt at the waist to give it that proper dress look. Feel free to style your hair a bit to complete the whole look.

With Hot pants/Shorts

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Source: Love Sweat Fitness, Culture Kings, Harper’s Bazaar

If you love shorts then they’d be an amazing piece of clothing to wear with your football jersey. They could really be any kind of shorts. If you are actually headed to do something sporty then some stretchable cycling shorts would be a great idea. Not that you cannot wear it for a hangout session also, you most definitely can if you accessorise correctly and opt for the correct shoes. You could even style it with some high-rise denim shorts and some knee-high boots. That sure is an amazing look. Ankle-length boots are game too for sure. Carry a backpack and the look is complete. Simple as that!

Skirts & Football Jersey

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Source: Mackenzie Fritz, Coco Bassey

Skirts too are as good an option as shorts. Even better really. They look amazing with a good football jersey and you can adorn it again for any occassion. A good wrap around or slit skirt would be a great option to go for. You could even go for a nice pencil skirt with a slit, that sure would look sexy and even highlight your curves. Heels are a good option to pair with the pencil skirt. And with the short skirt you could go for sneakers. Especially with a denim skirt for sure.

This is how you can really well style your favourite football jersey with ease and look stellar while doing that. Tell us your favourite look out of the lot. For more everyday styling and wardrobe planning, get in touch with us at Styl Inc. and let our team of experts guide you efficiently.

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Here's how to create outfits with a football jersey - Styl Inc (2024)


How to make a football jersey stylish? ›

A Pop of Leather

“You can try this style by tucking in your jersey with a pair of leather pants, adding white sneakers, and a puffer coat. This is a sporty and chic outfit that works well when going out with friends for co*cktails (or mocktails) to watch the game.”

What do you wear with a football jersey? ›

If you're watching the game at home, throw a henley under your jersey for a cool contrast, then finish your outfit with a black jogger pant for sleek comfort. Add canvas shoes for the touchdown.

How do you wear a football shirt fashionably? ›

Here are a few tips on how to do this:
  1. For the trousers, dress in slim-but-not-skinny-fit chinos, jeans or tailored trousers to create a sleek silhouette. ...
  2. For the shoes, trainers are the most popular choice for styling football shirts, adding a laid-back vibe to your outfit that channels the essence of the sport.

How do I style my jersey? ›

It's comfy, cute, and perfect for most (if not all) temperatures and weather. Pair your jersey with baggy blue jeans and simple white sneakers. The more platform, the better! You can style it with simple jewelry to really tie everything together, and you're good to go.

How to make a football jersey look cute? ›

You can use an oversized jersey as a dress, or if it's not big enough for that, tuck it into jeans. For shoes, you can try tall black boots like the girls in the picture, which looks really cute. College football game day outfits always use really fun accessories like pins, bead necklaces, stickers, and bandanas.

What pants to wear with a jersey? ›

Dress in athletic bottoms to complement your jersey.

Your jerseys will look sporty in their style, and so they will pair well with athletic bottoms. Wear basketball shorts or track pants to dress in a consistent fashion from head to toe. Make sure the color of your bottoms matches the color of your jersey.

How to wear a jersey dress? ›

A T-shirt (or jersey) dress is a great addition to your wardrobe. It is so easy to wear - and usually to care for too. On cooler days layer a denim or cargo jacket over the top and wear with loafers or trainers. For warmer days all you need is a pair of sandals or espadrilles.

What does a jersey look like? ›

Traditionally, a jersey is an item of knitted clothing, generally made of wool or cotton, with sleeves, worn as a pullover, as it does not open at the front, unlike a cardigan. It is usually close-fitting and machine knitted in contrast to a guernsey that is more often hand knit with a thicker yarn.

What is outfit in football? ›

In association football, kit (also referred to as a strip or uniform) is the standard equipment and attire worn by players. The sport's rules specify the minimum kit which a player must use, and also prohibit the use of anything that is dangerous to either the player or another participant.

What is the football dress code? ›

A jersey, unaltered from the manufacturer's original design/production, and which shall be long enough to reach the top of the pants and shall be tucked in if longer. It must completely cover the shoulder pads and all pads worn above the waist on the torso. 2.

Do you wear a shirt under a football jersey? ›

Football players wear shoulder pads underneath their jerseys. Underneath that, they wear a shirt of some kind, usually a simple cotton t-shirt. In hot weather, the t-shirt is often cut off just below the bottom of the shoulder pads. Shoulder pads are plastic; you absolutely don't want them rubbing against your skin.

Should jersey be tight or loose? ›

Loose jerseys are more comfortable for many players because they don't hug the body as snugly as tight jerseys. It's also more aesthetically pleasing to players who don't fancy tight jerseys.

What are the different types of jersey clothing? ›

Essentially there are a total of 5 types of jersey knits. They are as follows: single jersey, double jersey, stretch jersey, interlock jersey, and jacquard jersey. Also known as tricot, this type of fabric is woven using a single set of needles. This fabric has a front and backside (face and reverse).

How do you look classy in a football game? ›

13 Perfect Outfits for Football Games
  1. 1 Look chic in lots of layers.
  2. 2 Show your spirit by repping your team's gear.
  3. 3 Bring a cute jacket that compliments your outfit.
  4. 4 Get retro in some funky overalls.
  5. 5 Be classic in a tee shirt and shorts.
  6. 6 Try a comfy-two piece sweatsuit for the athleisure vibe.

How do you display an NFL jersey? ›

It's recommended to use a shadow box frame for displaying a jersey. Shadow box frames are deep enough to accommodate the bulk of the jersey and allow it to sit away from the glass, which is essential for preserving the fabric and any signatures it may have.

How do you display a game worn jersey? ›

The two most common options are either an open flat presentation where the jersey is sewn in and displayed within a frame, or you can hang your jersey within a locker-like setting with the option to add in-game souvenirs like caps or signed balls.

How should an NFL jersey fit me? ›

Do NFL Jerseys run big or small? In general, NFL Jerseys will fit a little larger, but that depends on the jersey type. We recommend buying the next size up jersey if you plan on wearing clothes underneath (hoodies, t-shirts, etc).


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