What to Wear to a Football Game? A Cute Outfit Guide (2024)

Watching a football game allows you to show your style while enjoying some leisure time with your friends. Your goal being to curate outfits keeping the weather in mind while managing to look impeccable. Here’s The Jacket Maker’s take on what to wear to a football game, have fun and look absolutely stylish all at the same time.

First of all, there are no rules to follow when dressing up to go to a football game. You can wear anything you want, but make sure to pick items that will help you stay comfortable. Many women create stylishly sporty ensembles using the team’s jersey, while others go for no-fuss, athletic outfits.

Many women create stylishly sporty ensembles using the team’s jersey, while others go for no-fuss, athletic outfits. Incorporating a custom jersey adds a unique touch, allowing you to support your team in a way that’s both personal and fashion-forward.

What To Expect In This Article?

Football Game Attire

Wear light, breathable clothing that reflects your personal style in the hot weather. If expecting a temperature drop, make sure to keep a jacket or a cardigan with you. Your outfit for a game held during cold weather should have an extra layer too. Avoid long flowy dresses as you don’t want to topple over the stadium steps.

It’s fun to cheer for your favorite team while wearing their jersey or incorporating the team’s colors into your outfit. What better way is there to show your high spirit?

We have enlisted many ideas on wearing a jersey below. You can showcase your team’s colors with solid colored clothes and accessories as well. You can also wear bold patterns such as windowpane, gingham, stripes, or polka dots. A floral dress, top, or blazer in those hues would also do the trick.

It is perfectly fine even if you don’t want to opt for team colors. Portray your style with any of the outfit ideas mentioned below.

Cute Football Game Outfits

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Look charming and pretty by wearing any of these ensembles to a football game.

  • Denim overalls may remind you of the 90s, but they have again emerged as a huge trend. Wear light blue overalls over a t-shirt in a bright hue, such as orange, bubblegum pink, or red and tie a matching bandana for a cool-girl vibe. White sneakers would round off this cute look with perfection.
  • For a stylish look that can be put together in a few minutes, wear a white front knotted t-shirt along with black flare pants. If you have flare pants in other dark colors, such as burgundy or navy, you can wear them instead of black. Go for a knitted shrug to add a layer. Black espadrille platforms and a black crossbody bag would look nice with this outfit.
  • Beige slim fit jeans with a white Henley shirt and a navy blue cardigan is a fabulous outfit to wear to a football game. Suede ankle boots can further elevate the look.
  • Opt for a black graphic t-shirt and cargo jeans in a light color for a trendy casual look. Tie a red and black flannel on the waist for a grunge inspired look. In the end, wear converse sneakers to complete the look.
  • Rock a little black flared dress with a white cropped motorcycle jacket. White sneakers would give a sporty touch to this cute outfit.

Baddie Football Game Outfits

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The best way to get dressed for a football game is to adopt the baddie aesthetic. The sporty, trendsetter vibes of the baddie go well with the high spirited sports event. Oversized sweaters, mini shorts, matching sets, and flawless makeup are a few of the style statements associated with this sexy style.

Here are some ways to rock the baddie style effortlessly.

  • A yellow tracksuit with a cutout sleeved crop top is an excellent way to show your penchant for the baddie style. All eyes will be on you if you tie your hair in a sleek high pony and give your face a glam look. Wear chunky sneakers to finish the look.
  • Another way to nail the baddie style is to wear a fitted black tank top, black biker shorts, and an oversized denim jacket. Black combat boots and a black baseball cap will give the athletic touch to this look.
  • Wear a pastel pink crop top with a white pleated skirt. Complete the ensemble with a cute pink bucket hat and white trainers.
  • A lovely sweater dress with black leggings is the right way to get dressed for a match in the cold weather. Black suede booties are the appropriate shoes to wear with the dress. Layer up with a black quilted jacket and a cashmere scarf around the neck. Don’t forget your shades to complete this stylish baddie outfit.

Outstanding Jersey Outfit Ideas

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There is no rule on how to wear a jersey when you are a spectator, so you can build chic outfits incorporating your favorite team’s jersey. If you dont want the mundane jersey with ripped jeans look, here are some outfit suggestions to rock the jersey with style.

  • Tuck your jersey partially in high waisted bootcut jeans. Pull the sleeves up a bit and tie your hair in a messy bun. Hooped earrings and a soft glam makeup look would elevate this outfit. Keep a fleece jacket in any of your favorite team’s colors to layer the outfit when needed.
  • Swap the jeans with glamorous faux leather leggings to wear with the jersey. A black denim jacket would be the best layering choice for this ensemble. Finish the outfit with black platform heeled sandals and a snapback.
  • Wear a mini denim skirt with a frayed hem with your jersey, and add sporty vibes with a denim visor cap.
  • A dark washed slim fit jeans along with the jersey, and a leather bomber jacket is a combo worth trying for an eye pleasing look. Round it off with cowboy boots for an added flair.

Curating ensembles according to the weather conditions is the right way to be comfortable and enjoy the game. When the pleasant spring season is here, you have abundant options to choose from. Try the following outfits for perfect game day attire in spring.

Seasonal Outfits for Football Games

There is no dearth of outfit ideas when it comes to the game day attire for women. Here are some more season wise outfit suggestions that you can experiment with.

Spring Game Day Outfits

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  • Pick a white denim romper and wear it over a floral print t-shirt. You can wear a white striped blazer over this chic outfit. White platform heels will look nice with this trendy attire.
  • Go for a full sleeved tie and dye t-shirt over blue denim shorts. Upgrade the glam factor of the look with a denim vest and wear blue denim sneakers with this double denim look.
  • Another fashion forward look to wear to a football game can be an off-white midi dress with a black racer jacket. Complete this ensemble with a black beret and sneakers.
  • Wear an oversized striped sweatshirt over grey boyfriend jeans for a casual look. Make sure you add up to the look with a trendy hairdo like soft curls or a side braid. Chunky soled sneakers will accompany this outfit nicely.

Summer Outfits: What to Wear to a Football Game in Hot Weather?

What to Wear to a Football Game? A Cute Outfit Guide (5)

You can’t just give up watching your favorite team play if the weather is hot. Build outfits that will help you stay calm and relaxed so that you won’t get drenched in sweat. Here is how you can do it.

  • A white cotton shirt with straight ankle jeans is a no fuss look that you can style in a million ways. Open the top two buttons of the shirt and wear it in one shoulder off style to beat the heat. Ditch the sneakers and wear strappy platform sandals for a glamorous look.
  • Wear a long oversized t-shirt in a pastel shade and tie a belt to cinch the waist for a chic look. Wear minimalist white sneakers to round off the look.
  • A white tube top with an unbuttoned chambray shirt and denim shorts is a fantastic way to beat the heat at the stadium. Wear a white snap back to shield yourself from the sunrays.
  • Don’t compromise on style in summer by wearing a fashionable halter neck sundress in yellow color. Match yellow platform heels with the dress, and wear a cute straw hat to complete the look.

Fall Football Outfits

What to Wear to a Football Game? A Cute Outfit Guide (6)

As soon as the mercury starts going down, there are many important football tournaments that you may plan to attend. Here are some nice fall outfit ideas to wear to a football game.

  • A rust cable knit pullover sweater looks stylish over navy blue slim fit jeans. Wear a tan coat over the outfit for additional layering, and go for brown suede ankle boots. Inject some style with black and golden oversized shades.
  • Wear a black fitted crop top with jeans and a grey ribbed cardigan. Fringed grey suede boots will ensure a classy touch to this casual look.
  • You can also team up a black bodysuit and black leather leggings with a brown and red flannel jacket. This incredibly stylish look can be boosted with a black fedora hat.
  • Keep the casual touch intact with a grey hoodie, cargo pants, and white trainers. This outfit is a no fail way to show up in style to a match.

Winter Game Day Outfits: What to Wear to a Winter Football Game?

What to Wear to a Football Game? A Cute Outfit Guide (7)

When the weather gets colder, you can layer up to create stylish looks that would help you stay comfortably warm at the game. Here are a few ideas to rock the sporty look in winter.

  • Wear a black turtleneck with straight leg jeans with a black leather jacket to stay warm. You can also wear a grey and black plaid scarf around the neck. If you are confused about the round off, just go for plain black ankle boots.
  • Rock the game day attire with an oversized beige sweater and black leggings. Wear a mustard camel coat over this outfit for an elegant touch.
  • Another no fail combo is a violet ribbed top with a black slit leather skirt, leggings, and black knee high boots. A stylish fur shearling jacket would be the right outerwear for this outfit.You can opt for a trendy fall hat to go with this outfit.
  • Wear a white button down under a checked sweater and pair it with corduroy pants for a preppy and casual look. Wear a grey wool coat with this outfit, and complete the look with black sneakers.

Game Day Footwear and Accessories

Upgrade your game day style with accessories such as a bandana or a headband (again in the team’s colors). A snapback or a baseball cap would shield you from the sun’s rays. Wear some light jewelry like a neck chain, hoops, bracelets, and rings for a chic look.

Footwear with heels isn’t a good idea for a football game. Instead, opt for sneakers, booties, or espadrille platforms with your outfits.


What do you wear to a football game?

A simple yet casual look teaming an oversized jersey with jeans and sneakers. Comfort and style combined.

What clothes do you wear for football? As a group?

You can team up polo shirts and comfortable tops with denim shorts, skirts and trendy jeans. Layer up with fleece or leather jackets according to the climate.

How should I dress for a 40 degree football game?

When the weather is unbearably hot, opt for a sleeveless cotton top with denim shorts and wear a wide brimmed hat to shield the sun’s rays. Don’t forget sunscreen.


Cheering for the team that you are rooting for in the crowd is a joyful way to enjoy the game. And doing so with style is equally fun. To steal some attention of the crowd from the stands, at the next football game, you can opt for any of the above mentioned outfits or be inspired to create your own from the ideas listed above. Good luck!

What to Wear to a Football Game? A Cute Outfit Guide (2024)


How do you dress cute for a football game? ›

Football game outfit inspiration
  1. A Graphic Tee + Jeans + Sneakers. graphic tee | jeans (plus) | sneakers | purse. ...
  2. A Bomber Jacket + Jeans + Western Boots. jacket | t-shirt | jeans (plus) | boots | earrings | bag. ...
  3. A Baby Tee + Denim Jacket + Trousers + Colorful Sneakers. ...
  4. A Puffer Vest + Sweatshirt + Uggs.
Sep 28, 2023

What clothes to wear to a football match? ›

13 Perfect Outfits for Football Games
  • 1 Look chic in lots of layers.
  • 2 Show your spirit by repping your team's gear.
  • 3 Bring a cute jacket that compliments your outfit.
  • 4 Get retro in some funky overalls.
  • 5 Be classic in a tee shirt and shorts.
  • 6 Try a comfy-two piece sweatsuit for the athleisure vibe.

What do girls wear to the football? ›

There are casual outfits including matching jogger sets and flannels as well as more elevated ensembles with statement pants, satin bomber jackets, and blouses matching the color of your favorite team. We've also got suggestions for styling your team's merchandise as well as tips for layering during the game.

How do you look cute in a football jersey? ›

For this first look, you'll want to take your jersey and tuck it into a pair of denim jeans or shorts. You can pair it with a belt to help your jersey stay tucked in, and for shoes, ankle boots will look great with shorts or rolled up jeans. A pair of white sneakers is also a cute and comfy shoe choice.

How do you wear a football jersey and look cute? ›

This combination can instantly elevate your look,” Singla tells InStyle. “You can try this style by tucking in your jersey with a pair of leather pants, adding white sneakers, and a puffer coat. This is a sporty and chic outfit that works well when going out with friends for co*cktails (or mocktails) to watch the game.”

How do you dress classy for a football game? ›

Undoubtedly the easiest outfit you can put together for a football game is wearing your team's jersey (or any team's jersey, for that matter). For a classic aesthetic, pair with jeans and coordinate your footwear to the color scheme you're representing.

What is football casual clothing? ›

Casuals are football supporters or hooligans who dress casually. This means that they do not go to the stadium in their club colors but a neat outfit made of expensive brand-name clothing.

What is casual dress code football? ›

Casual is The Way to Go

To answer your question “what should I wear to a football game?” – your best bet would be to wear something casual. Why not wear jeans with a jumper and either trainers or boots? This is what football fans (both men and women) typically wear when they go to watch football games.

What to wear to a hot football game? ›

Too hot for jeans? Wear a faded rinse denim skirt. I might alternate my white jeans and white denim skirt with a faded rinse denim skirt. Same rules apply: wear with neutrals and earth tones.

How to wear a jersey as a girl? ›

You can use an oversized jersey as a dress, or if it's not big enough for that, tuck it into jeans. For shoes, you can try tall black boots like the girls in the picture, which looks really cute. College football game day outfits always use really fun accessories like pins, bead necklaces, stickers, and bandanas.

How to dress warm for a football game? ›

  1. Dress in layers. Several layers are the best way to dress before you head to the game. ...
  2. Wear hats and gloves! Tailgating and game times in the fall and early winter months can be cold. ...
  3. Plan for the time of the game. ...
  4. Take a blanket. ...
  5. Wear your team`s colors. ...
  6. Paint your body in your team`s colors. ...
  7. Wear sunglasses at night.
Dec 1, 2017

What do you wear under a football shirt? ›

Base layers, also known as underlayers, are tight-fitting layers of clothing worn under your football shirt or football shorts. They are made of a moisture-wicking material which absorbs perspiration, keeping players dry and comfortable during the game.

Can you wear pants in football? ›

The official rule from the NFL states that players must wear pants that cover the entire knee area.

Can you wear a football shirt with jeans? ›

The key to nailing the perfect football shirt outfit lies in selecting the right trousers and shoes. Here are a few tips on how to do this: For the trousers, dress in slim-but-not-skinny-fit chinos, jeans or tailored trousers to create a sleek silhouette.

What to wear to football hospitality for females? ›

The policy varies slightly depending on the enclosure but typically, men must wear a matching suit with a shirt and tie, while women should wear a dress or top and skirt with shoulder straps, as well as a hat or fascinator.

What to wear to a football game when it's hot? ›

1. Keep your white jeans in rotation, but trade your cool citrus hues on top for warm earth tones and neutrals. You'll be hearing this tip from me a lot this fall. Earth tones + white jeans = late summer appropriateness.


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